youbeyou is a movement celebrating

children's authentic selves

by encouraging kindness, 

acceptance and inclusiveness

Wood Family

Our Story.   I’m a mother of four, four unique, beautiful and hilarious kids who are completely different from one another and who were each born exactly as they were. The youbeyou movement was inspired by my seven-year-old, Jasper, who for pretty much his entire life has been raising eyebrows due to how he played and what he wore. Jasper loves wearing clothes that sparkle. He dresses with drama and flair. He wears dresses, tiaras, and jewelry; covets unicorns and mermaids; and sings and dances with unabashed drama and joy. His community should be one that not only accepts exactly who he is, but celebrates his uniqueness, right? That is the idea of youbeyou.  

Our mission is to celebrate children's authentic selves by encouraging kindness,  acceptance, and inclusion. We created KIND TIES, a series of fun and colorful accessory ties (designed by my kids) that identify the wearer as someone who accepts others regardless of how they look, who or what they love, what they believe, or what they wear.  We donate a portion of our profits to children’s programs that focus on self-expression, gender-identity, and feeling emotionally and physically safe in schools. So join us in the movement that is much bigger than a clothing accessory: the idea that you have the right to be you!

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