Our mission at you be you is to create cool clothes for kids who like fun and bright colors and don't want to limit themselves to the "boy" or "girl" departments. We want to empower and inspire children to be their authentic selves and have clothing choices that reflect limitless possibilities.


Our Story.   I’m a mother of four.  Four beautiful, hilarious, intelligent and bright young people that each have been born exactly who they are and are completely different from one another. As each of my children grew and developed I started to notice that my son Jasper was not seeing any clothes in the boy’s department that reflected his personal taste. Jasper loves wearing clothes that sparkle.  He dresses with drama and flair.  So we began shopping in the girl’s department.  We were frustrated, as we found that our choices were ill-fitting and limited to antiquated stereotypes. Our children’s generation see gender identity as fluid and want to have options that celebrate their individuality. That is when the idea of youbeyou was born. 


Our goal in creating you be you is to empower and inspire children to have options in clothes that allow them choices beyond traditional gender lines.  Our clothes are high quality and thoughtfully designed to work with all kinds of body types.  We believe in celebrating our individualities by nurturing an environment of kindness and inclusivity. 


Giving Back:  A portion of all proceeds for you be you will support programs for children that focus on self empowerment, anti-bullying, and creating a culture of collective inclusiveness.