Thank you and how you can get involved!

Thank you for supporting the Kind Tie project! The youbeyou store has been open for several weeks this summer and we have received orders from individuals, families, school districts and companies; orders from singles to hundreds. The word is spreading quickly! There appears to be a desire in our world to state our loud and visibly to our communities: "I accept you.  You do not need to be anything other than your authentic self.  You have a right to be YOU!"

One question I have heard several times is:  "How can I get involved?"

I know you are busy, but here are some suggestions and sincere requests for you, on a Sunday morning:  

  1. Be kind!  This may be obvious, but please live and promote the ideals that we promote at youbeyou:  kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.  Speak these values out loud, live them, teach them intentionally to your children, friends, family, and colleagues.  
  2. Discuss youbeyou with your child's teacher or PTA!  This is a natural realm for supporting and spreading the idea of youbeyou. Teachers, school administrators, and PTA's have been enquiring about and purchased kind ties for classrooms, entire classes, and school district staff in support of the ideals of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. 
  3. Consider and suggest kind ties for events.  People are using kind ties to promote company diversity and acceptance (our largest order to date was from the division of cultural diversity from a British investment firm), and I have received inquirers for weddings, school events, and parties. A kind tie is a great idea for giving a gift with meaning.  
  4. Keep in touch!  Keep the conversation going! As we grow, we will certainly be needing champions and partners, ideas and advice. Currently youbeyou is a company of one full-timer (me), but as we grow, this may change as well!